Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Applique is not my Forte

Kristen, a friend of mine, is due any day with her second baby, and we're having dinner with them tonight, so I thought it would be nice to make a gift for the girls- something for them to wear at the hospital perhaps. My original intent was to applique with thread, but after a few practice runs and failed attempts I decided liquid stitch was my only hope!

Amazing to me how difficult it is to trace letters and shapes with a sewing machine. I mean, really! How could it be that complicated? Thankfully, my mom-in-law warned me ahead of time that it's not an ideal job for a novice to undertake, so I don't feel entirely defeated. :)

I don't recommend this project at home unless you use liquid stitch, but for those of you who want to attempt it, I simply traced letters and shapes onto fabric (using cookie cutters), cut them out, and glued them on. :) If you do it without a sewing machine you can finish a set of these in about 30 minutes.

Some of you may have noticed a fabric trend in my posts. . . as in they're all the same! ;) It's not because I'm entirely head-over-heels for this print (though it IS beautiful), it's simply all I have, and I'm trying to make the best of it. :)

Up next, a doll I made using the exact same fabric! LoL!


  1. Jessica, these look great! You're creativeness is spot on. I know your friends will love them. As far as the fabric goes, we will go through the "stash" and get you some other prints. What next?

  2. I'm adoring these crafts! I'm sure Kristen loved them. As soon as I get money, let's go fabric shopping!

  3. Okay friend. . . I'm awaiting a 'Big Bro, Little Bro' set in my future :) These are GREAT!