Saturday, January 15, 2011

Patchwork Lovie for Eve

I had a great time today learning lots of new sewing techniques from my mom-in-law. She's a wealth of knowledge in all things domestic. . . I wish I had half of her creativity and skill! She fixed the needle on my machine and helped me work on the dress from yesterdays post. I completely redesigned the bodice with a little encouragement from her. Instead of freehanding I actually used a pattern this time, which goes completely against my free-spirited nature, but I have to admit it made things a LOT easier!! She also pulled out her surger, which is one of my FAVORITE things!! :) I wish I had one at home. . . Anyway, after we finished working on the dress, I decided to take some of the scrap samples I've collected at fabric stores recently and make a patchwork lovie for Eve. It was lots of fun with the surger! :) Jonah loves it and requested one. . . literally. Adding that to my list of future projects! :)

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