Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verna Quilt

Ever since our Monteagle-fall-getaway, I've been absolutely obsessed with quilts. The dozens and dozens scattered throughout the historic home we stayed in captured my heart in a unique way. They seemed to beckon me back to simpler days. They whispered of home and family in a way very few things can. Each carried it's own unique history, quietly embodying a labor of heart and soul. As I admired each quilt, I envisioned the hands that crafted them, the time and love and patience poured into each square inch, and I thought to myself, "I want to use MY hands to do this!"

Nani, Allen's grandmother (whom I've adopted as my own), has been doing this for years. She makes quilts for all of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and there are many!). . . for every wedding and birth. They're breathtakingly beautiful and such a testament of her love and devotion to our family. They're pieces that will undoubtedly be passed from generation to generation becoming cherished heirlooms.

Today Nani, my mother-n-law, and I shopped for the fabric for Eve's quilt that Allen and I are planning to use as her crib and toddler bedding and as we did I decided it's time to attempt a quilt of my own! I found this tutorial at Moda Bake Shop which uses a jelly roll of Verna fabric (Verna by Kate Spain is one of my favorite collections right now). The tutorial is for an ironing board cover, but I'm going to make it a crib sized quilt. . . something for Eve to play on.

(Nani, let me know if this is a crazy idea. . . if the project I've picked is beyond my skill level. I may be calling you for help!) ;)

I'll post pictures as soon as I finish. . . It may take a while I haven't even ordered the fabric yet! LOL! ;)

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  1. I love quilts as well!! Cant wait to see the outcome. I have enjoyed looking at all your projects... so cute! :)