Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Overhaul

This year I've had an overwhelming itch to revamp our Christmas decor, adding personal touches and lots of color (particularly for the kids). The past 5 Christmases have been black, white, and red in our home and I still love it, but the seasons are changing and it feels like an ideal time for our holiday decor to evolve. Our stockings were a step in the right direction . . . So here are my ideas on how to expound upon them:

First, upcycled sweater ornaments. They're totally safe for the kids (stuffed so they can't break), they're green (made entirely with recycled material), and they add a touch of warmth and lots of color. I made this one today, and it took about 5 minutes.

Second, felt ball holly. We currently use a bush of red holly to crown the top of our tree, and branches of holly all over (like the one in the top right of picture above). I have a vision of using floral wire and roving wool to make a colorful version of what we have now.

And lastly, upcycled sweater Advent garland. I stumbled across this idea on another BLOG, and thought it was genius! We've been looking for a way to add spiritual significance to the holidays, and I can completely envision using this to do it! Each pocket would have a verse or some element of the story of our Savior and a treat for the kids. . . We would open one a day until Christmas morning. Something we could use for years and years to come.

Now to find the time to tackle all these projects.

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  1. love them all! I'm looking forward to you teaching me how to do all these fabulous projects! I'm hoping next year will allow for more crafting time :) so excited for this new season in your life!